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Andy's recent shows
- pictures and comments

If you think that passion is in short supply in marketing these days, go and see Andy 'live'.

He is an unswerving believer in everything 'one to one'. "Mass
marketing is dead", he tells his audiences. "I know, because I was at its funeral".

"Everything in marketing is now direct marketing".
Andy will amaze and inspire you with his knowledge, understanding and energetic delivery of the key elements in direct marketing today. One minute, he is on the stage, the next minute he is off the stage, running up the aisle.

Then to emphasise a point, he will be on his knees.

The audiences love it. And, it's easy to see why. Andy's events are an
education in the vital elements of direct marketing and communication - underpinned by a level of entertainment that delegates talk about for years.

"Andy is real eye-opener for today's self-satisfied marketing society.

He has the magnificent talent of inspiring and convincing any audience.

At his events, you will learn tons of practical ideas that you can steal
and instantly apply to your marketing programmes.

His recommendations are absolute gold dust for those wanting to
improve their direct marketing. Miks Sturitis, Marketing Director,
Latvian Post

If Andy comes to your town, don't miss him…

Here are just a few of
Andy's recent shows.

For each event, you can read testimonials from
the Organiser and from Delegates. There are
also images taken at the event

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