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Critique Service

Welcome to our creative and copy critique service...

It’s ridiculously simple.

But, as has been proved many times, most of the best ideas are...

It’s also very cost-effective.

Which means, in real terms, it won’t cost you much, but it will deliver a
lot. And, given the very difficult trading conditions we are all facing at the
moment... that’s something I’m sure you will appreciate...

Just consider these questions...

• Is your sales letter not working as well as you feel it

• Are your email campaigns underperforming?

• Is your direct mail pack struggling to deliver decent

• Are your off the page ads not pulling?

• Is your website losing visitors too quickly?

If you’ve said ‘yes’ to one or more of those questions, then what’s on
offer, might be just what you need.

How It All Works...

Send me any of your ads, direct mail letters, direct mail packs, overprinted
envelopes, inserts, emails, brochures, website copy, radio scripts, SMS
messages - and I will give you a full evaluation on all aspects of what I

I will tell you what I believe is good about it - and what is not.

I will tell you what you have to do to improve it. All contained in a detailed

If your ad has a weak headline, I’ll tell you. If the concept is
poor and badly delivered, I’ll tell you why.

If your direct mail pack is limp and unattractive, I’ll
tell you exactly where it needs improvement.

If your copy is poor, doesn’t connect and ignores
basic copy rules, I’ll tell you what you must do,
to put it right.

But, please be aware, that I will pull no punches. I will be
brutally honest.

If it’s crap, I’ll tell you.

I can’t see the value in such a service, if I did anything other than that.

This is exactly what you will be using the service for.

(Please note that this is a critique and evaluation service only. Costs do
not include any rewriting of copy or upgrading or improvement of
creative concepts and designs).

My credentials to provide such a service...

The very highest. Just look at my current client list.

My passion for copy and creative in direct marketing is unrivalled. I’ve been in this crazy business for 31 years - and I’ve worked in all sectors and in 4 continents for some of the best-known companies and organisations on the planet.

And, I still do...

What are the costs?

It all depends on your requirements. Fees are related to what you want me
to evaluate for you.

I treat every enquiry for a critique individually - and cost it accordingly, but I do apply discounts for quantity.

So, for example, if you require me to look at a range of campaign elements within the same brief, then the overall cost would be less than if they were costed individually.

But, one thing is certain; the savings to you would be very significant indeed.

The costs for this service are approximately 25% of my rate card costs for creating or writing a similar piece.

Exceptional value, I’m sure you will agree...

And remember, if you then hire me to work on any creative or copy I have critiqued, then 50% of the costs you have paid would be discounted against the new job.

I’m interested. What do I do now?

You can respond in the way that suits you best...

Click here to email your enquiry straight back to me personally.

I will be in touch as soon as I hear from you. Alternatively, you can call me on
+44 121 778 6640 to discuss your requirements, or on my mobile on+44 7774 894039.

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