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New 'Copy Chief' Service

Copy & Creative

I can help you SELL more.

Whatever your business - and wherever you are in the world.

As a vastly experienced direct marketer and communicator, I understand
and embrace the art of communication. That enables me to use proven
techniques and expertise, to make people do positive things…

…like, buy,respond,subscribe,attend,visit, enquire and much, much more.

Let’s face it. It’s a tough old world out there right now…

Getting a good return from your marketing campaigns is harder than
ever. Nothing works as well as it used to, does it?

Don’t worry; it’s the same for everyone. But, some marketers seem to do
better than others. Ever wondered why?

In most cases, it’s because they employ seasoned professionals to help
them - people who understand how to communicate effectively.

That’s the key word - communication.

It’s not about direct marketing, digital marketing, advertising, sales
promotion, social media, et al - it’s about communication.

You are not going to sell yourself or your products or services, if you can’t communicate the benefits properly.

And most companies can’t.

Because (a) they don’t know how to write properly - and (b) they have
little idea about how to originate effective creative concepts and designs
and how to use them correctly.

But, help is at hand. After over three decades of learning and sweating
buckets at the coalface, I know how it’s done.

So, if you need copy that connects, influences and persuades your targets
to react positively to your selling messages, then you have come to the
right place.

If you require stunning creative that marries with that copy and
communicates the benefits of doing business with you - then let’s talk.

Whatever your copy and creative challenge may be, I can provide the
words and pictures to ensure your campaign works as hard as possible.

My vast expertise covers all areas of marketing and advertising
communication, including:

You might require a whole strategic campaign: or some new ads: perhaps
a great new direct mail pack: or an effective sales letter or email.

You might feel your website needs to be redesigned and rewritten: or your
forthcoming postcard promotion, door drop campaign or insert campaign
requires the very best input.

Whatever you need for your direct and digital campaigns, I would love to
be of help to you.

I like nothing better than making my clients a lot of money.

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