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“Andy stormed into Cape Town - straight into a vacuum created by the demise of the DMA and their annual conference. Gloves at the ready, and in the tradition of the travelling DM guru, he launched his volleys against wasteful direct marketing and the consequent compromise of clients' budgets, enchanting the audience with his witty demolition of the inept.

As a former salesman, Andy earned his colours amid the blood and gore of the battlefield, not in virtual reality, and this added lustre and credibility to his performance.

Not surprisingly, he stressed the need for basic training - research, reading the works of the masters - something that the older school of
copywriters took for granted and a necessary apprenticeship that today's copywriters disdain.

Good direct marketing is timeless. A great beginners' overview but also solid affirmation for old hands. He didn't miss a trick."

Philip Bateman - Creative Director, Arcadia Home Shopping, Cape Town, South Africa


Direct Marketing Speaker

Andy is a much sought-after speaker on the world’s conference and event circuit.

His lively, passionate and hugely entertaining presentations are always very well received by delegates and show organisers alike. His very personal style is fast-paced and fun and he uniquely combines education with entertainment.

Andy presents Masterclasses, seminars, workshops and training sessions on most aspects of contemporary direct marketing all over the world - and regularly travels over 100,000 miles every year sharing his wisdom and knowledge.

He also handles Chairman duties and Master of Ceremonies roles.

His specialist areas are, of course, creative and copy - and all aspects of these two key areas are covered in a range of seminars and workshops.

Direct Marketing Masterclasses  

In his renowned full-day Masterclass, Andy is on stage for over 7 hours, covering pretty much every area of contemporary direct marketing.

These hugely popular shows, regularly pull audience levels of 3-400 people around the world. Andy shares over 500 slides of good, bad and award-winning examples throughout the day.

Here are just of few of Andy’s latest presentation topics, listed to show the
wide areas he covers. All are delivered with his usual passion, energy and a great deal of ‘pzazz’.

** How to write copy that really sells

** Why direct mail is having a renaissance

** How to create emails that rise above the dross

** Email replacing direct mail? Don’t make me laugh

** Discover how to create and write a powerful ad

** Digital marketing needs to communicate better

** How to write website copy

** Learn the secrets of successful landing page copy

** Creative tips and techniques of the professionals

** How direct can rebuild what advertising and digital has      squandered

** How to get more from your current customers

** How to get new customers at the lowest possible cost

** Why a mailing list is not a database

** Open me now! The secrets of successful envelopes

** Test, test and test again. It’s smart. It’s essential

** Why most marketers are stupid

** Postcard marketing - one of the best kept secrets

** 10 great tips to make your marketing better

** Revisiting the work of the legends - Ogilvy, Caples, Hopkins,      Jayme...

** Direct Marketing Masterclass - a full day show

See pictures from Andy’s Shows here…’

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