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Hi Andy,

Your new Copycat is the best ever.

But, thankfully, I am sure you will write many more masterpieces in the months and years to come.

Because, we all need these little nuggets of inspiration. And we all need to be reminded of the little things that matters so much; words, emotions, people.

So thank you, Andy.
Thank you very, very much.

Best regards

Michael Leander
Multi Award-Winning Speaker / Judge for Digital, Direct and Loyalty Marketing Awards / Keynotes in 40+ countries

The Legendary Copycat Articleslegendary-copycat-direct-marketing-articles

Copycat was born over 15 years ago. It started off as a regular article commissioned by the Chartered Institute Of Marketing.

After a couple of years, I decided to take full editorial control over it and use it as a regular newsletter, for the large number of people that had requested it.

These days, I suppose it would be called a ‘Blog’. I hate that bloody word, though, so you will not hear me refer to Copycat as anything other than a regular article about key aspects of our business.

I’m delighted to say, it has become a very important piece of education and entertainment in our business. Well,
that’s what my readers tell me, anyway.

It’s contentious. Always.

It’s often rude. And it names and shames.

But, it always educates. And it offers readers the opportunity to discover loads of tips and techniques to make
their marketing better.

After each article, my postbag is full of responses and feedback on the topic covered. That is a very pleasing
aspect to me - and makes it all worthwhile.

After all, it does take a while to compile, as most of the articles are c2,000 words, plus examples.

Here is a letter I received recently :

Hello Andy,

Joe here.

Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate you providing such a
robust site for copy nuts like myself.

There’s a copywriting lesson (and life) in every .PDF.

I always have a *^*(eating grin after reading your thoughts on those who think
they can (or are) writing persuasive copy.

Wildly amusing.

In addition, the instruction you provide on what IS good copy has given much-needed
confidence to begin writing myself.
Writing copy. What an incredible skill to have.
You have inspired me to study excellent writers. Communicators.

I’ve always found the late, great Bill Jayme's copy so moving.

Anyway, I’m rambling now, but I do appreciate the wealth of material you
provide for us all - absolutely FREE.

Well, I will close here. Again, your words moved me to send you this message.

In short, thank you my friend.



Thanks, Joe. Tremendous. It makes my day every time I read it.

The readership of Copycat is now c10,000 worldwide - and requests to join the list are added every week.

So, if you’re not receiving Copycat, please subscribe here to join the mailing list.

Please note, your email address will be treated with the greatest respect. It will never be shared
or made available to anyone else.

Click this link to see all the previous Copycat articles, available for your enjoyment and FREE download.