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Andy with Igor Subow & Mikhail Simonov in Moscow in August 2014.


Andy-Owen-with-Murray-Raphel-and-Ian-RamsdenAndy with Murray Raphel and Ian Ramsden

Andy-Owen-with-Roger-MillingtonAndy with Roger Millington

Andy-Owen-with-Drayton-BirdAndy with Drayton Bird

Recommended Associates

As you can imagine, being at the ‘coal face’ of this industry for well over 30 years, I have worked with a great deal of people.

A number of them have inspired me. And they continue to do so.

Some are now very close friends - and I feel honoured to have their friendship. What’s more, I’m constantly amazed that they have put up with me for so long.

They know who they are - and they also know I would do anything for them. They are very special people. In my humble opinion, they have no equal in what they do.

I would like to recommend them all to you. I have listed them in alphabetical order to avoid losing my beer ration!

I have not provided email or contact details, as this can be abused on websites - and these people are my friends. So, if you would like to contact any of them, please feel free to contact me – and I will put you in touch.

The country information, is where they are based. But, in a lot of cases, their expertise can be enjoyed worldwide.

Alan Rosenspan – Direct marketing – USA
Ales Lisac - Direct marketing and related - Slovenia
Alex Gibson – Marketing and related – Ireland
Andreea Idriceanu – Marketing and related – Romania
Bostjan Zrimsek – Direct marketing and related – Slovenia
David Cole – Testing - UK
David Peters – Photography - UK
Drayton Bird – Inspiration - UK
Eckhard Marshing - Mail order and DM – South Africa
Emine Pura – Direct marketing and related – Turkey
Glenmore Trenear-Harvey - Intelligence - UK
Graham Dodd - Door drop marketing - UK
Hando Sinisalu – Marketing and related – Estonia
Herschell Gordon-Lewis – Direct marketing - USA
Ian Dewar – Websites and related - UK
Ian Fairservice - Publishing and related - UAE
Ian Ramsden – Direct and digital marketing – Sri Lanka
Ishwar Chugani - Retail and related - UAE
Jakub Oth – Marketing and related – Czech Republic
Jerry Reitman – Marketing and advertising - USA
Joe Sugarman – Direct marketing - USA
Joost van Nispen - Direct and digital marketing - Spain
Kit Buckler - Recorded music for promotion - UK
Malcolm Auld – Direct and digital marketing – Australia
Malcolm Rae - Business to business mailing lists - UK
Michael Leander - Digital DM and related - Denmark
Mike Berry – Digital Marketing – UK
Murray Raphel – Retail direct marketing - USA
Patrick Collister – Direct marketing and related - UK
Rebecca Caroe – Business Development – New Zealand
Russell Croisdale – Envelopes - UK
Sajid Sayed - Retail and related - UAE
Shelly Singh – Direct marketing – India
Steven Jones – Public Relations – Middle East
Tsvetan Davidkov – Marketing and related – Bulgaria
Vatsal Asher – Direct marketing – India
Vladimir Vecovski – Marketing and related – Macedonia

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