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The Books You
Should Read

I devour great books, articles, films and presentations about our business. I have a very significant library.

And I have learnt something from every one.

In my view, it’s one of the key ways to get better - learn from someone who is better than you.

Here are a few recommendations of authors and books that you should read. You will be better at what you do, after you have read them.

Read everything by:

David Ogilvy · John Caples · Claude Hopkins

Joe Sugarman · Drayton Bird · Murray Raphel

Herschell Gordon Lewis…

…plus…(in no particular order)…

‘Breakthrough Advertising’ - Eugene Schwartz

‘How To Write a Good Advertisement’ - Victor Schwab

‘The 100 Greatest Advertisements’ - Julian Watkins

‘The Man Who Sold America’ - Jeffrey Cruikshank & Andrew Schultz

‘How To Advertise’ - Ken Roman & Jane Maas

‘From Those Wonderful Folks Who Gave You Pearl Harbor - Jerry Della Femina

‘On Writing Well’ - William Zinsser

‘Writing That Works’ - Ken Roman

‘A Technique For Producing Ideas’ - James Webb Young

‘Million Dollar Mailings’ - Denison Hatch

‘World’s Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters’ - Herschell Gordon Lewis & Carol Nelson

‘Type & Layout’ - Colin Wheildon

‘How To Spec Type’ - Alex White

‘A Touch Of Millington’s Magic’ - Roger Millington

‘Write Like You Mean Business’ - John Hancock

‘Convert’ - Ben Hunt

‘Up Smith Creek’ - George Smith

‘What’s The Big Idea?’ - George Lois

‘Email Marketing Made Easy’ - Malcolm Auld

‘When I Stop Talking, You’ll Know I’m Dead’ - Jerry Weintraub

'Crowning The Customer’ - Feargal Quinn

‘The King Of Madison Avenue’ - Ken Roman

‘How To Do Better Creative Work’ - Steve Harrison

‘The Art Of Writing Advertising’ - Dennis Higgins

‘Swim With The Sharks, Without Being Eaten Alive’ - Harvey Mackay

‘Handbook Of Direct Mail’ - Seigfried Vogele

‘This Fascinating Advertising Business’ - Harry Lewis Bird

‘The Ad Men & Women’ - Edd Applegate

‘The Mirror Makers’ - Stephen Fox

‘The Robert Collier Letter Book’ - Robert Collier

‘Scrapbook Of Early Advertising’ - Floyd Clymer

‘Buckeye Book Of Direct Marketing’ - Carl R. Greer

‘Power Direct Marketing’ - Ray Jutkins

‘Why Your Direct Marketing Doesn’t Work’ - Tom Rayfield

‘Behind The Scenes In Advertising’ - Jeremy Bullmore

‘Advertising That Pulls Response’ - Graeme McCorkell

‘The Greatest Direct Mail Letters Of All Time’ - Richard S. Hodgson

‘George, Be Careful’ - George Lois

‘They Laughed When I Sat Down’ - Frank Rowsome Jnr

'How To Advertise' - Ken Roman & Jane Maas


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