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“In the specialised field of
subscription marketing, Andy
Owen provided Time Out with a
skilfully designed, high impact
campaign which exceeded all
previous response rates.
Andy is quick to understand what
the client needs, providing cuttingedge design concepts and effective copywriting.

Working with Time Out’s always
developing direct marketing
strategy, we have found his advice
and expertise - and his ability to
carry through large-scale, time
sensitive projects with seemingly
impossible deadlines - totally

Andy Owen is a rarity in this field:
an individual that does what he
Marc Bridle - Direct
Marketing Manager, Time Out
Magazine, London

“I first met Andy at a seminar he
was conducting: every comment
he made had me nodding my head
in agreement. Every time he spoke
I was struck by his ability to
accurately assess the needs of both
the reader and the seller:

I hired him on the spot.
Andy embodies what a great
copywriter should be: a
knowledgeable leader in his field,
in touch with the public, a pleasure
to deal with - and, most
importantly, a creator of packages
that pull.

His work speaks for itself: but his
witty commentary and insightful
articles that grace us on a regular
basis continue to underline his
commitment and understanding of
the difference between what makes
copy mediocre and truly great.

If I could offer a recommendation,
I’d ask you NOT to hire Andy: I
like to keep great writers all to
myself, please...”
Alexander Quaglia - Director,
Catalyst Media Inc, Toronto,

“I can honestly say I am amazed.
You took a promotional approach
that was proven and that had been
running very successfully for over
8 years and transformed it.
Your letter produced our best-ever
single performance in 75 years of
trading. I wouldn’t have believed it
if I hadn’t seen it for myself.”
Scott Mackay - CEO, Richard
Mackay & Sons, Edinburgh

“For over 3 years, Prospect have been enjoying high-quality direct
marketing campaign collateral, written and created by Andy Owen.
The exceptional response rates that have been delivered, are proof that
copywriting is still a key element of any marketing programme.

Andy has delivered a steady stream of new and inventive creative pieces,
whilst keeping the Prospect message at the heart of the campaign

Copywriting for response is clearly an art form - and Andy is one of the
industry’s greatest exponents”.
Jamie Wren, Circulation and Marketing Director,
Prospect Publishing Ltd, London, Uk.


"Politicians, Generals and Intelligence Propagandists all know the power of persuasion and how essential it is to their success. So too, do many savvy marketers.

The talent to craft effective persuasive communication is rare and highly valued. Andy Owen is one of those exceptional communicators - and the proof of his skill is demonstrated time and again in measurable results.

The result is his readers and viewers taking the action his persuasive words exhorted them to take. Andy’s fluency comes from using demotic speech and a well-researched knowledge of what appeals to his audience and how they would benefit from what is on offer.

He practices that which two keen observers of persuasion have noted".

"If you would persuade, you must appeal to interest rather than intellect." Benjamin Franklin

"I don't know the rules of grammar. If you're trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language." David Ogilvy"

Glenmore Trenear-Harvey, Writer, Broadcaster and Lecturer

"If you want to ensure your copy grabs and holds attention then elicits a positive response, Andy Owen’s your man.

His work is consistently of the highest calibre and has made a demonstrable difference to the success of my direct marketing campaigns."

Huw Williams, Marketing Director, Leger Holidays, UK

"Andy, you are an expert in direct marketing copy - a true artisan who understands how to write copy that both engages and makes a real customer impact".

Russell Morris, Board Marketing and Analytics Director, Amazon Prime Video

"Unlike a lot of copywriters, Andy actually listens to you and takes the
time to fully understand your product, before he starts the copy.

The result is incredibly effective. Andy’s written words connect to the
reader and deliver the benefits and value of the products, in a flowing,
yet precise way.

Andy is a professional wordsmith of the very highest order”.

Ged Rowbottom, Managing Director, Solarlec, Burnley, UK

“Andy asked me to ‘put something together as a comment on his service’
and I was lost for words.

Not lost for words in the sense of surprise, Andy’s request simply made
me sit and think about something I have learned to take for granted. We
can all see where we want to go in business. Great brand, great image,
beautiful product design; something that communicates with your
customers perfectly - and so on.

The question is, how do you get from that ‘wish for’ to the reality of a
REAL brand that you can have the confidence to invest in, knowing that
the commercial identity and communication is ‘right on the money’?
Andy has championed this for me over the past 3 years, showing
aptitude and appetite for the brief like no other. He continues to provide
unparalleled depth in every new aspect of my brand.

I don’t recommend him, as I don’t want you to use him. He is MINE”.
Nick Guyler, Managing Director, Vapes, Huddersfield, UK

“The art of contemporary copywriting, has now got its own Grand

…once Andy has written a sales letter for you, you will never consider
anyone else…

Andy’s passion and enthusiasm for copywriting was infectious.
When we subsequently hired him and saw the quality of his work, we
knew why...

His talent and expertise created a step change in the quality and effect of
our copywriting.

Andy is an inspirational character. A hugely talented copywriter who
certainly opened our eyes to the enormous power of words - rightly
adapted and geared to the Middle East consumer”
Mohamed Safieddine - Director Of Marketing, Effemex,
Saudi Arabia

“Andy Owen raises the skill of writing a direct mail package to an art.
His insights into personal consumer communication is impressive and
his experience in the field invaluable. His unparalleled expertise in the
medium has contributed to many successful promotions that Lamcy has
undertaken in the past.
On this occasion of our winning the “Loyalty Programme of the Year” at
the Retail ME Awards, I wish to acknowledge, thank and congratulate
Andy on his efforts that made the Lamcy-Air Miles Loyalty Programme a
landmark success.”
Tim Jones - Chief Operating Officer, Lamcy Plaza, Dubai, UAE


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