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Another View From The Show Organisers..2

“And if you need someone to learn how to write copy, send them to learn from the best. Andy combines humour and profound insight to teach the craft of copywriting, perhaps the most difficult craft in DM - residing as it does at the interface of creative and production”.

Charles Prescott, VP, International Business Development & Government Affairs, The Direct Marketing Association Inc, New York

“I have been involved in organising events for our members in NorWest Midlands for 26 years and in that time we have had many speakers - but few have been as well received as you were on Monday. On behalf of the committee, many thanks again for coming and for giving our members and their guests such a memorable evening. We fully understand why you are so sought-after to speak to Direct Marketers and others around the world”.

Derek S C Milward, Chairman, Chartered Institute of Marketing NorWest Midlands Branch

“You put together a full day’s workshop that not only was professionally and enthusiastically presented, but it kept the audience captivated at all times. Your passion for direct marketing is admirable, and anybody being serious about their continued existence in this business would have been inspired by the passion and knowledge that you shared with the audience.

Your most pertinent comment, ‘times change, people don’t’, really hit home and the content of your workshop did a wonderful job in reminding us of this.

The refers to the great direct marketing campaigns of the grand masters, helped to hit home the point that it is the respect of the fundamentals of great copy that are the cornerstone to successful direct marketing campaigns.

You certainly motivated us to discover or “re-discover” the secrets of successful direct marketing, even to the extent that we now have an enthusiastic “reading community” in our marketing department, enthusiastically reading books of the grand masters you shared with us.

Andy, thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion with us and for inspiring us to see our business as a never-ending, but exciting and rewarding process of learning and perfecting the skills of direct communication. We feel great to be in this industry and I am confident that many of the participants of the Cape Town event left feeling very much the same way.”

Eckhard Marshing, CEO, Arcadia, Cape Town South Africa

“I’d heard you were an impressive presenter and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. The delegates weren’t either - their feedback was excellent and your presentation was certainly a highlight of the seminar!”

Andrew Buffery, Regional Manager - DMA West

“The real secret of marketing is not the sophisticated strategy, the constant testing and measuring, or the striking image on the page which reaches out and grabs the consumers’ interest. It’s all about copy that communicates. That’s the key issue - and there are very few copywriters who bring the subject alive so clearly, and in such an entertaining and colourful way as Andy Owen.

His presentations are given with passion: here is a man devoted to his craft, and willing to dig deeply into his wealth of experience to produce fascinating examples to lead the audiences through the essentials of copywriting. Andy is the copywriter’s copywriter, but he offers to share his profession with us.”

Alastair Tempest, Director General, Federation Of European Direct & Interactive Marketing, Brussels, Belgium

“Nothing is worth more than a positive, knowledge-rich and powerful presentation like Andy’s view on direct marketing.

I am very happy that you concluded our congress with a simply stunning presentation, which lifted us up and started us “thinking more” afterwards.

There is no doubt why your events are so anticipated - they give - in a way of making further direct marketing actions better, employing capable and working ideas. Andy, we must do it again…”

Bostjan Zrimsek, Secretary General, Slovenian DMA, ZDM Slovenije

“We have invited Andy to Slovenia twice so far. We plan to have him in Ljubljana again. Do I need to say anything more?

His two shows were amongst the most popular we have ever staged here.

Andy knows DM. His shows are full of classic and new examples and people always like speakers with examples and good stories.

Andy is superb value and he delivers his shows with passion and energy. He is also a fun person to eat, drink and watch football with. Call him!

Ales Lisac, CEO, Lisac & Lisac, Ljubljana, Slovenia

“Andy gave an amazing presentation that bedazzled the Greek audience of DM and General Managers, and he delivered a copywriting session that left them speechless. His innovative presentation was full of energy, valuable ideas and great examples - and was exceptionally well received by the high profile audience. A very talented man with innovative ideas. A great presentation that delivered completely all audiences’ promises.”

Michael Boussias, Show Organiser - 3rd DM Forum Athens

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